Come on in, put your feet up, stay awhile... 

A new addition to Wigram, and as the name suggests, Good Home is a family friendly restaurant and bar that feels just like home. 

For lunch or dinner, or a drink after work, you will enjoy the modern facilities, an enticing cocktail list and a great menu featuring everything from juicy steaks to healthy salads.

There’s outdoor seating, live music or a DJ on popular nights, and sport on the big screens. Everything you would want right on your doorstep.Good Home Wigram – drop by soon.

The GOOD HOME. There is a place like HOME.

Even though it’s hard to define what HOME means to everyone, there is something it does share. It’s a feeling. A feeling of comfort, the place you can finally let out your breath, relax, unwind and be at ease. 

We’ve aimed to recreate this feeling at The Good Home Wigram by fashioning spaces for you to feel at ease in and call your own. Spaces to relax; hang with a bunch of friends or the good crew from the office. 

It’s about lunch with no plans for the afternoon; it’s a cocktail or two after five; an easy dinner with the family or a beer while watching the game.